Famous Biryani in Gurgaon

Here Is The Famous Biryani Restaurant in Gurgaon – Lattu Biryani

Do you know Biryani is the topmost and most famous dish that originated in Persia? We all know there are plenty of Biryani lovers out there who are die-hard fans of this special dish. Biryani has been famous for ages since the time of Mughal era. Today, it has converged into one of the most demanded food items in India. It is specifically famous in Hyderabad because of its derivative Muslim culture.

When you have your eyes on slow-cooked chicken and meat pieces with the fragrance of rice boiling and the aroma of cardamom and saffron, you are drooling all over the Famous biryani in Gurgaon. But the question arises, which biryani are you most attracted to?

Every corner of the country has its own traditional and own-kind of biryani, made with different added flavours. The choice of choosing famous biryani in Gurgaon is never easy due to its dense variants cooked in spicy herbs. Thus, we have carved out the Famous biryani in Gurgaon at Lattu Biryani, where you can taste the best flavour of every culture.

Taste the Best Biryani at Lattu Biryani

famous biryani in gurgaon

At Lattu Biryani, we have curated a series of the best biryanis in Gurgaon. Each one of them is truly delectable with a pinch of a different tribe of foods. Our chefs have specially made biryanis with distinctive flavours in each type and giving it a spicier touch with authentic herbs & spices.

Gurgaon is one of the busy business hubs and time is always less to look out for a variety of restaurants that serve the Famous biryani in Gurgaon. Well, you do not have to worry anymore! Lattu Biryani welcomes you where you get steaming hot biryani with exciting flavour touch delivered at your home in no time. 

At Lattu Biryani, you are served with different types of Biryanis and each one of them is made with eccentric taste and herbs. For chicken and mutton lovers, you can get the best chicken biryani in Gurgaon and the best mutton biryani in Gurgaon. We have some chef’s specials including Gongura Chicken Biryani, Multani Mitti Mutton Biryani, Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biryani and many more.

Our menu doesn’t end here, we have specially carved the best biryani in Gurgaon for our vegetarian biryani lovers. Our special veg biryani consists of Mumtaz Malai Kofta Biryani, Pehle Aap Subz Biryani enriched with exotic veggies, dry fruits, paneer and much more. Once you taste it, you will crave for more.

Why Lattu Biryani is the Famous Biryani in Gurgaon?


famous biryani in gurgaon

Lattu Biryani assures you to take every biryani craving of yours seriously. We prepare special biryanis in many styles by blending various flavours in them. Moreover, our biryani will make you crave more because of its unique texture and nostalgic feelings.

What more? Our best biryani in Gurgaon comes with variety. We serve biryani for every type of person. Be it north or south, our biryani comes with madness and everyone will love it for its eccentricity. Lattu Biryani makes you go Lattu for biryani each time you think of ordering something.

Along with Biryanis, we have more items on our menu that will make your lunch/dinner date more special. We have a variety of reshmi curries, delicious exotic kebabs, and more to get along with laziz biryani.

The Spin of Authentic Flavours

Biryani is made with the authentic Indian herbs and spices, added explosion of flavours, and aroma of original rice grain. It is new every single day with much better flavour and taste. We have the Famous biryani in Gurgaon served in the name of comfort food and fits in every culture’s kitchen.

Sustainable Packaging

Lattu Biryani aims to use biodegradable packaging material to ensure that while serving our customers with the Famous biryani in Gurgaon, we take care of the environment as well. Our natural flavours come with the responsibility of being a social citizen and assuring a clean environment. Thus, with authentic herbs mesmerizing your soul, we provide eco-friendly package material.

Before you go Lattu, Your Order is at Your Doorstep

Just order our special biryani, and we are at your doorstep. Our delivery is reliable, fastest, and most efficient. The delivery agents take care of the packed food to be delivered safely to your location with steamy biryani. Moreover, we ensure that your biryani reaches before you shift to another thought. We want you to think only about our tasteful biryani and enjoy every bite of it with pleasure.

More to the Menu

best veg biryani in gurgaon

As the name suggests, Lattu Biryani does not only limit itself to serving biryanis. Rather, we have more on our menu which will make your eatery even more exciting. We have crave-worthy curries, tantalizing kebabs, awesome desserts and fresh beverages along with our best biryani in Gurgaon.

Wait no more, Order now and enjoy the pleasure of having famous biryani in Gurgaon at Lattu Biryani.

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