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Breaking the Myth of Veg Biryani with Pulao

There’s a lot of people that end up considering a Veg Lucknow Biryani similar to a Pulao (a famously everyday lunch in an Indian home). Well, have you ever wondered that a mere mixture of rice and some veggies does not curate the special veg biryani? Are you sure that there is no difference between a pulao and veg dum biryani? 

We recommend you scratch your head a bit more before reading this blog and think about when you had pulao and vegetable biryani. Did you find them alike in taste, texture, ingredients, and most of all the elegant aroma? 

Lucknow veg biryani is a delicious and tasteful medley of succulent veggies, ghee, saffron, spices, and flavorful basmati rice cooked to give a unique aroma to the dish. Do you want to know what’s the best part? You can easily cook it at home but with the right ingredients and cooking method. 

Many restaurants and eateries have this myth of calling any rice dish with vegetables as pulao and veg biryani at the same time. Never mind, Lattu Biryani will break this myth and give you a remarkable debate to change your mind towards the veg biryani and pulao. This blog will help you identify your plate while having an appetizing biryani in Gurgaon

Best Veg Biryani at Lattu Biryani

Everyone is familiar with oh so popular and the ultimate delicacy of Indian cuisine-Biryani. It is generally a rice preparation blended with a lot of masalas, saffron, dry nuts, herbs & spices, veggies, and infused milk. More so, you can add eggs, mushrooms, chicken pieces, mutton, fish, prawns, and what not to make it even tastier and elegant. 

At Lattu Biryani, we offer a veg biryani with exotic and flavorsome veggies, dry fruits, paneer, and nuts. Our biryani is especially inspired by love from Indian homes for biryani and what gives Lucknow city the special tag and signature to its ‘Pehle Aap’ biryani. It is one of the classics and favorite biryani of all time. 

Well, of course when you hear the word ‘biryani’, the name itself makes you crave it and when it comes to vegetable dum biryani, we assure you that our Lucknow biryani will be a superstar on your plate. An impeccable taste and an ultimate aroma are enlightened with every bite. 

Enough about biryani, let’s talk about why and how veg biryani is completely different and more tasteful than a pulao.

Cooking Philosophy

Many parallels can be drawn when discussing the origin of vegetables dum biryani and pulao. The contrast between the two is a lot and that cannot be overlooked at all. Though, many things resemble about pulao with North Indian cuisine-rice prepared in whole spices and lots of vegetables. On the other hand, a veg dum biryani is an Indian cuisine which is brought during the Mughal-era decades ago. The veg biryani is primarily a classy vessel full of rice, vegetables, and whatever is available. It is mainly buried in a hot pit which is dug up and served in ‘dum’ style. 

Veg Biryani is not Pulao

While both the dishes have a common main ingredient-rice, calling each other a similar dish will be equal to a food crime for biryani lovers. Originally, pulao also known as Pilaf is considered to be derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pulaka’ or ‘pulla’ which means a mixture of rice & vegetables. Many researchers believe that the dish originated in India, however, it goes way back to Central Asia. On the other side, the speculation about the veg biryani recipe originates in Persia but migrated to India via Mughal. Well, it is definite that Mughals’ cuisine is mouth-watering and completely amazing, they gradually shaped the Indian heritage by incorporating veg dum biryani recipe. 

Usage of Spices

The vegetable biryani recipe is humbled with spices and a unique method of preparation with lots of ingredients. Spices act as a backbone when it comes to veg biryani, as it brings in the foundation of the whole complex with the biryani. It is an essential part of the preparation of a vibrant dish that adds strong flavors. Perhaps you might have a different touch with the flavors of spices, you will probably find the taste of every biryani a bit different because it differentiates region-wise. Lucknow and Hyderabadi biryani are world-famous and both are delicious yet different. Using flavorings and seasonings is a binding factor when it comes to veg biryani, unlike pulao. 


So, we hope now you consider yourself a Lucknow biryani lover and will remember the legacy of biryani different from pulao. Next time, whenever you see rice and vegetable together, be aware of what is going in your mouth! If you want to test and add the best veg biryani as your daily lunch, order at Lattu Biryani today! 

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