Best Paneer Makhani

How Do You Choose the Best Paneer Makhani?

So, here’s the all-time favorite recipe for paneer lovers created with an aroma of natural Indian ingredients and a soft touch of cream. Best Paneer Makhani is the king of all the other paneer recipes due to its luscious taste. 

Paneer Butter Makhani is a classic Indian dish that is enriched with spicy ingredients and creamy tomato-based sauce and of course, slices of soft paneer cubes. This recipe is a crowd-pleaser as everyone loves this dish. If you’re wondering what it tastes like, I bet once we tell you, you will drool all over it. 

  • A luscious gravy based on natural sweetness and tomato puree gives a tangy flavor to the Best Paneer Makhani. It gives a smoky flavor as the gravy is smoked for a while before adding the paneer. It adds a wild touch to the dish and tastes like a marinated dish.
  • Last but not the least, premium quality soft paneer dices are added raw. These are made from cream and full-fat milk to give a good texture to them. 
  • The main addition of Lattu Biryani is the added sweetness to the delicious dish. With sugar, a natural and authentic Best paneer makhani taste is welcomed. 

Ingredients of Best Paneer Makhani

ingredients paneer makhani

When it comes to Indian dishes, it is evident that paneer makhani cannot be made without desi-styled Indian ingredients. These are some of the natural tasted spices which give a unique flavor to the dish. Some of the basic paneer makhani ingredients are as follows-

Oil, Cream, and Butter-

Though these are fatty items that go deep into the creamy recipe, some fats can be accepted right? They give an original texture to the dish and will amaze your soul. 

Onions & Tomatoes

Well, nothing can beat the flavor of juicy onions & tomatoes in Indian dishes. Lattu Biryani specifically uses original and large juicy onions & tomatoes to give the best saucy taste. Onions are used to form the base, but tomatoes give it the best flavor. 

Dried Kashmiri Red Chilli

This is one of the key ingredients while making mouth-watering Best paneer makhani. You might think they must have lots of spices as these are chilies, however, they add exotic colors to the dish. They are less spicy and you can also add Kashmiri chili powder which also gets along with other spices. While cooking the gravy, this will simmer the taste. 

Ginger Garlic Paste

Today you can find ginger garlic paste at various shops, but making it in your gourmet kitchen with natural & organic garlic and ginger will give it more flavor. You can make the paste in large quantities and refrigerate it. Yes, it is common in Indian households and its aroma to the dish hits differently. 

Cashew Nuts

What can make a dish more exciting than natural dry fruits? Especially cashew provides intensive creaminess and density to the dish without adding any extra calories. 

Kasuri Methi

Kasuri Methi is recognized as the dried fenugreek which augments the smokiness in the paneer  makhani. It is a special ingredient that is used in Indian cuisine and you can stock it all you want. 

Desi Indian Spices

How can we forget this? Desi Indian herbs & spices are some of the most important ingredients to be added in paneer makhani. Lattu Biryani ensures that all the dishes are prepared in original Indian flavors by adding cardamom, cinnamon, chili powder, garam masala, turmeric, etc. 

Tomato Ketchup

Though a nontraditional ingredient, it works wonders with paneer makhani. It blends a sweet, tangy, and salty flavor altogether.

What does ‘Makhani’ Mean?

Makhani is popularly known to be a cuisine made with butter and enriched with Indian fine ingredients. It is enriched with proteins, like paneer, and by adding flavored ingredients, it augments deep into the soul. Paneer makhani is a special dish that is combined with authentic Indian taste and complex sweetness. The classic and vibrant red hue of the paneer makhani is all because of the authentic Kashmiri red chilli. 

Additional Dishes at Lattu Biryani

Paneer makhani in gurgaon

Apart from our tasty treat paneer makhani, we also present more of our appetizing dishes. You can have splendid dal makhani dhaba style made in our gourmet kitchen. It is finely combined with paneer makhani. What’s missing? A lachha paratha with onions. Combining all these gives a perfect meal of the day with Lattu Biryani. 

Additionally, if you want something non-veg, well, we have spicy butter chicken at your doorstep and bhuna gosht which is made with butter & desi ghee. It savors your taste and you’ll get mad over all these exciting cuisines.

Order from Lattu today and engage your tastes with natural flavors.

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