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Mouthwatering Classic Chicken Tikka Is Here At Lattu Biryani

You know certain things become so much popular and appreciating those dishes isn’t enough. Classic chicken tikka is one of those things. It is one of those extremely popular food items which is loved by every other person all around the world. While the vegetarians have a substitute for the same, the famous classic paneer tikka fulfils their soul. Just like biryanis, burgers, chicken and paneer tikka is an all-rounder cuisine.

Generally, chicken tikka is made with pieces of chicken marinated and grilled in the spicy paste. It is then served with mint or green chutney which is made in Indian style. The chutney is so tasty that you can even eat roti with it! Nevertheless, the spicy mint chutney is prepared with a complete flavour of lemon, onions and mint leaves which are blended to make a thick paste.

Both these tikka’s have so many variations prepared by different cultures in their style. However, at Lattu Biryani, you will get the most amazingly prepared classic chicken tikka and classic paneer tikka which will mesmerize your soul. These are made with uniqueness and some added flavours from our professional chefs. 

At Lattu Biryani, you will get the chance to taste a boneless version of chicken tikka which is made by marinating it in authentic Indian spices and a touch of lemon flavour. These tikkas are not ordinary, rather they are made in a grilled version & added freshly prepared chutney to our gourmet kitchen. Here you will learn about all the tiny details of our special classic chicken tikka and classic paneer tikka to satisfy your hunger. 

Classic Chicken Tikka at Lattu Biryani

Simple to cook yet different in taste, our special chicken malai tikka is one of the popular chicken recipes in Indian cuisines. It will tickle your stomach with extreme hunger as the aroma of the juicy marinated chicken cooked in barbeque style will make anyone drool over them. The dish is showered with flavoured Indian chaat masala and served with added salad and mint chutney. 

The chicken tikka recipe is famous all around the world and we have curated it in a whole different style. To give a smoky and fiery flavour, it is barbecued in a tandoor which adds an authentic Indian taste. Many people even make chicken malai tikka at home in their version which gives the dish new forms. Lattu Biryani is giving you a chance to enjoy the tastier of all classic chicken tikka by ordering from them online and enjoying at your home. 

Is Classic Chicken Tikka Spicy?

Our favourite classic chicken tikka is not only spicy but is also bombarded with different flavours of spices from the Indian kitchen. You can have it prepared with fewer spices, however, the real flavour can be gained through its spices and aroma of grilled chicken pieces. The mint chutney gives it an entirely different vibe! So, you should try this dish at Lattu Biryani strongly if you’re a chicken lover. 

Classic Paneer Tikka

Classic Paneer tikka is the ultimate recipe for vegetarians and paneer lovers. An appetizing dish from North Indian, tiny paneer cubes is marinated in a spicy paste of yoghurt and added natural Indian herbs & spices. Tandoori paneer tikka recipe is a very popular vegetarian snack that is luscious and flavoured with grilled paneer chunks. These are made in BBQ style and the crunchy edge of paneer cubes give it a delightful look. 

Treat yourself with amazing classic paneer tikka at Lattu Biryani and enjoy the mouthful flavoured delicious cuisine. Many of us love to eat raw Indian cottage cheese as its softness and tasty treat melts the soul. What will it do when you marinate it and make it fiercer with spices and chutney? Well, flavourful tandoori grilled paneer is perfect at Lattu Biryani. 

You can delight your day with a perfect snack and burst yourself in the flavour of soft paneer. Our chefs prepare paneer tikka recipes with special ingredients to make it smokier and more different. This tikka is infused with tons of flavours and it is one of the yummiest paneer tikkas you have ever had. 

Once you prepare the yoghurt marinated paste with added authentic Indian herbs & spices, the paneer chunks are ready to dive into the paste and to get a wholesome tandoori taste. These are then grilled in barbeque with sprinkled oil to add crunchiness. Lastly, it is showered with juicy lemon to give it a unique taste. With chaat masala and green mint chutney, classic paneer tikka is everything to fulfil your hunger! 

So, if you want something different when it comes to chicken and paneer tikka, Lattu Biryani has presented it for you to try a whole new level of flavours and perfectionism in tikkas. Order with us now and get ready to open the doors and welcome our most special hunger killing tikkas.

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