butter chicken curry in Gurgaon

Why is Best Chicken Curry So Famous at Lattu Biryani?

Experience a delightful chicken curry at Lattu Biryani. Chicken curries are, need not to say, the most authentic and exotic curries in India. Within each culture, chicken curries is made with its speciality by adding unique flavour and ingredients to it. You can taste the delicious and yummy best chicken curry by ordering from us and enjoying the tastier curry.

Lattu Biryani curates the best version of chicken curries with the goodness of enriched Indian ingredients and an explosion of flavours. Our chicken curry is specially cooked in creamy, thick and spicy masala which you won’t find anywhere. 

Our best chicken curry recipe consists of the special homemade ingredients and the true magic created by professional chefs. This recipe is naturally carved out from the brain and splendid experiments of our chefs who worked on creating something new and tropical. With a buttery taste with the added love of Indian herbs & spices, we have the best chicken curry ever in town to melt away your soul with its authentic taste.

The Popularity of Best Chicken Curry at Lattu Biryani

Best Chicken Curry in Gurgaon

A chicken lover would know the love for chicken curries and craving for it anytime, anywhere. However, a foodie always looks for something new and unique every time they have chicken curries. A new flavour, fragrance, aroma, and outlook to never-ending hunger for the best chicken curry. 

Chicken curries at Lattu Biryani is a combination of grilled chicken in sauces, spices and desi ghee or tandoor chicken tikka masala cooked in butter with tomato thick curries. Our chefs prepare one of the best Indian delicacies that go with multiple other options. Moreover, butter chicken curry at Lattu Biryani is made with a variety of different ingredients and flavours that gives it a unique touch. 

Lattu Biryani aims at delivering the best quality chicken curries with uniqueness and where the customer would go mad over it. Guess what? Make the best chicken curry tastier with Lattu Biryani’s special chicken Dum biryani. It will make you drool all over your dish.

Authentic Chicken Curries Recipe at Lattu Biryani

Good Indian food is not complete without a mixture of exotic flavoured Indian herbs & spices. Using pure desi ghee for cooking veggies has always been one of the forever parts of Indian kitchens. Similarly, Lattu Biryani makes this amazing best chicken curry by using pure desi ghee from the kitchen and making a curry with their own freshly prepared sauces and spices. 

We have professional and experienced chefs who always thrives at curating something unexpected. With the right measurement and steps, our chefs give an exceptional taste to the famous butter chicken curries. 

The originality of Indian food comes with using local and heritage ingredients. This is what makes Indian food special and unique from other cultural cuisines. While we make the best chicken curry to mesmerize your soul, we also have some more food items that make a perfect combination with the curry. These special add-ons will make your chicken curry more delighted, as Lattu Biryani never fails to amaze its customers. 

Make an order with Lattu Biryani, we promise that you will surely order with us again the very next day. The flavour of our best chicken curries is out of this world and each bite will give goosebumps as you taste it with your soul. 

The Fame of Chicken Curry

chicken butter masala

The best chicken curry at Lattu Biryani is exceptionally famous as many of our regular customers have tasted, re-ordered, and appreciated the flavoursome taste of it. More than 50% of our customers come from referrals, that makes us special and unique in the market. Each food item at Lattu Biryani is prepared with the richness of modern and ancient taste. 

Our chefs constantly experiment on new things as we thrive to deliver a new taste to our customers. We know eating the same dish with the same flavour and ingredients makes it boring. However, Lattu Biryani understands the desire of their customers and the need to have something spicier and new. 

With Lattu Biryani you can enjoy every type of food, and it will evoke the true sense of Indian heritage. 

Thus, order with Lattu Biryani now and get ready to taste the amazing finger-licking best chicken curry at your home. 

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