We take
your Biryani cravings
crazy serious!

Biryani ~ Although one name, encases within itself many styles, ways of preparation and nostalgia. Biryani, in all its sumptuous avatars, is truly as unique as you.

And we give you choices-a-plenty!

Whether the northern nazakat or southern sass; we’re mad over all that makes this dish the ultimate comfort food. Bolder, better and bindass all over, Lattu is not just our name but also our forever state-of-mind, with biryani on it, all the crazy time.

The most indulgent recipes, the correct concoction of spices, the patent aroma hit, the shiny rice grain and the supple explosion of flavours find new meaning here, every single day.  
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biryani in gurgaon
best biryani in gurgaon
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Behad lazeez


A variety of authentic flavours for every taste. Spinning our exciting, delicious & flavourful Biryanis, inspired by traditional kitchens around India. Lattu Biryani reaches to your table with smoky Boorani Raita or a cup of delicious Salan.

best biryani in gurgaon
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Lajawaab Reshmi


Dive into the goodness of crazy awesomeness. Our chef knows your love for curry, so they prepare it with love and bring the best taste of spices and ingredients.

Kamaal ke


Relish the nawaabi delights. It doesn’t get better than this!

That tantalizing aroma, the sizzling sound of kebabs gets into your ears, pushes you to make some space in your belly for the mouth-watering delight.

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Perfect packaging

Nature has gifted us with all flavours of its beauty, now it’s our responsibility to keep environment clean & flourishing.
Thus, we use biodegradable material for all our packaging.

Our flavours are authentic, abstain from single-use plastic. 

Lattu Biryani packaging
Lattu Biryani packaging
Lattu Biryani packaging

Dum-on-the way

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