Veg Biryani

Breaking the Myth of Veg Biryani with Pulao

There’s a lot of people that end up considering a Veg Lucknow Biryani similar to a Pulao (a…

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classic chicken tikka

Mouthwatering Classic Chicken Tikka Is Here At Lattu Biryani

You know certain things become so much popular and appreciating those dishes isn’t enough. Classic chicken tikka is…

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Best Paneer Makhani

How Do You Choose the Best Paneer Makhani?

So, here’s the all-time favorite recipe for paneer lovers created with an aroma of natural Indian ingredients and…

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butter chicken curry in Gurgaon

Why is Best Chicken Curry So Famous at Lattu Biryani?

Experience a delightful chicken curry at Lattu Biryani. Chicken curries are, need not to say, the most authentic…

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best hyderabadi biryani in gurgaon

The Trending Stuff About Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, one of the most authentic biryanis cooked on Dum with Basmati rice and Indian rich…

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Shahi Dastarkhwan

Shahi Dastarkhwan Takeaway in Gurgaon

Food is an integral part of Indian heritage. Many speciality food items are loved by everyone, like Biryanis.…

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Famous Biryani in Gurgaon

Here Is The Famous Biryani Restaurant in Gurgaon – Lattu Biryani

Do you know Biryani is the topmost and most famous dish that originated in Persia? We all know…

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